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Learn more about Project Labor Agreements and how they affect your business.

New Online Resource describes the negative impact of PLA mandates on school construction projects.

Learn more about “Bannering”, a pressure tactic used by organized labor.

ABC of Florida
Visit the ABC of Florida for statewide legislative information.

Florida State Senate


ABC is rooted in a philosophy committed to free enterprise and high-value, quality, safe, and innovative construction. Both the founders of ABC and our current members believe that a contractor and their craft professionals should be rewarded and paid based upon the respective effectiveness and value they bring to a project­—that one should succeed or fail based upon one’s merit. Members of ABC believe that free and fair competition is essential, and it requires a free market that operates without unfair constraints placed by special interest groups.
  • ABC values personal and corporate integrity and trust and believes that it is important to model the highest standards of personal and company integrity.
  • ABC believes that professionalism is characterized by a commitment to achieve the highest standards of personal and company performance.
  • ABC values good corporate citizenship. ABC believes that while companies should have the freedom to make decisions that allow them to pursue their desired business without unfair restriction, companies also have a responsibility to their employees and communities to provide economic opportunity, safe working conditions, and to contribute to the improvement of communities as places for families to live and work.

In Florida, ABC represents over 2500 member firms and hundreds of thousands of employees throughout the state. With offices located strategically throughout the state, ABC has developed relationships with government officials at the local, state, and federal levels.

In the real world of construction, ABC’s maxim “Get into Politics or Get out of Business” is true. The fact is, few businesses or individuals have the time or resources to monitor legislation that directly affects their industry or the influence needed to get the attention of their lawmakers. ABC has the time, the resources, and the means to do just that. At the state and local levels, ABC is the construction industry’s front-line soldier. Whether actively lobbying the legislature or just keeping abreast of legislation and regulations that affect their business, ABC members are given the tools to act on legislation and the voice to lobby for change.
2024 ABC Legislative Session Wrap-Up
2024 Post-Session Report

Political Action Committee

Talking about politics can be prickly, but voting and being involved in the electoral process should not be a sensitive issue. Regardless of political affiliation, everyone needs to know that protecting free enterprise ultimately means more jobs, income, and wealth for more people. If you are interested in hearing more from ABC PAC, visit our new website, PAC.ABC.org. This new website allows ABC members, whose companies have given prior authorization, to make fast, secure, and FEC-compliant decisions about supporting ABC PAC. ABC PAC is your voice in elective politics. ABC PAC members’ contributions are combined with others to jointly support candidates. This provides a unified and powerful voice for the merit agenda. It is also an opportunity to participate in one of the largest pro-business PACs in the nation.

Florida Gulf Coast Chapter ABC PAC

Our chapter PAC supports candidates for local and statewide elections. Contributions to the PAC by members can be personal or corporate.

National PAC

ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter actively supports the ABC National PAC by raising funds to assist candidates for Congress who support the principles of ABC. Contributions by members to the national PAC can only be personal.