NEXGEN Leadership Program


The Program

Created with the intention of mentoring and developing leaders within the commercial construction industry and ABC, the NEXGEN Leadership Program provides an 8 month series of leadership development, networking, and industry specific content. Through NEXGEN, leaders develop a broader awareness of the politics of construction, economic drivers, workforce development and community involvement. Building relationships, personal and professional development, industry engagement and awareness are the primary goals of the program.

Program Schedule

The group meets the second Wednesday, September through April from 11:30 AM - 5 PM.  Dates and times are subjected to change.

Sessions will include lunch with an industry leader, followed by leadership coaching and industry specific content, ending with networking happy hour.


Employer Commitment, to provide nominee ability to attend all classes and fulfill financial obligation.

Participants who miss more than two (2) program days will be dropped without refund of tuition and sponsor will be notified.  NEXGEN participants are encouraged to attend ABC events and professional development classes.


Individuals must be nominated by their employer, have current or future management decision-making responsibility and have been in the construction industry at least a year. Companies may nominate more than one employee however, the number of employees per company may be limited. All applicants will be interviewed, 25-30 individuals will be selected.

To download the Application for the Class of 2020 CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Laura Gross.