Plans & Specs

Cutting-Edge Editorial Content

Plans & Specs delivers timely, comprehensive information that readers can apply immediately in their own organizations. With original content written by in-house staff and a variety of construction industry experts, Plans & Specs covers a broad range of subjects:
  • Safety Issues
  • Marketing and branding
  • Continuing education programs
  • Merit shop philosophy
  • Green building
  • ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter news and events
  • Management techniques
  • Industry standards, practices and ethics
  • Bidding and pricing strategies
  • High performance training
  • Technology
  • Government affairs
  • Construction economics
  • Analysis of the latest trends

Readers want competitive advantage 

Plans & Specs serves the members and prospective members of Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC, Plans & Specs is published bimonthly with a printed circulation of more than 650 each issue, as well as additional electronic circulation.  Plans & Specs readers are among the most successful builders and contractors within the state of Florida. They strive to continuously learn about new laws and regulations, methodologies, technology, training opportunities, research, economic trends and other resources that can hel’p them improve their performance and increase value for their respective clients and/or employees. ABC members provide relevant and professional leadership and are respected professionals within their industry.  Our readers represent companies of all sizes and from all sectors of the building construction industry. This is your opportunity to reach the niche market the construction industry provides. Our research shows that the magazine is read cover-to-cover and stored in our members’ libraries for future reference. 
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